Give Hope

We believe in giving hope wherever possible which is why we have teamed up with Hydrating Humanity. By donating a portion of our profits towards their vision for clean water we have been able to support their efforts to help communities throughout Africa. Clean, safe water is a basic building block of health and life yet close to 1 billion people lack access to it.



The Strategy

Sickness and death from waterborne diseases are totally preventable. The solution is helping provide access to clean, safe water, hygiene education and sanitation.  Their strategic plan is to reach every school-aged child by improving the water quality and hygiene education in the schools.

The Solutions

Hand Dug Wells

Hand-dug wells are very effective in areas with a high water table within 60 feet of the earth’s surface. The opening takes 2-4 weeks to dig, and the entire community usually participates in construction. We line our well shafts from the bottom up with solid concrete culverts to insure safe clean drinking water for decades to come. All hand-dug wells are fitted with solid stainless steel parts and pump.

Artesian Wells

Artesian spring wells safely collect and distribute ground water. They are possible when the water table is at or near the earth’s surface. Spring boxes are constructed using masonry components which include a stone and gravel filter system and a short pipe that extends outward delivering a steady flow of safe clean water.

Our water technicians insure that the sources we protect have water available 365 days a year so water flows all year long. Concrete steps are formed so children and mamas can easily access the water with buckets.

Drilled Wells

A well is drilled when the water table is not reachable by hand digging. A drill rig is brought in and used in this case and consequentially community participation is low. Drilled wells (sometimes called bore holes) often yield much more water than hand dug wells, but are also more costly to construct and maintain. Hydrating Humanity has acquired a PRD 650 drill rig that is capable of drilling down 180 meters.

Visit Hydrating Humanity and find out how YOU can be a part of the solution