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NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU // It cost you nothing to start a fundraiser with Borderland. You simply take the orders and collect payment. There is a 50% down payment when you submit the orders.

YOU KEEP 50% OF THE PROCEEDS // We sell our Borderland products to your organization at wholesale cost. That means you get 50 cents of every dollar.

ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN MISSISSIPPI // Take pride that you are selling a product that has been hand poured in Mississippi. Borderland partners with the Mississippi Dept. of Rehabilitation through their AbilityWorks program which allows Mississippians with disabilities the opportunity to gain on the job training as they work toward permanent vocations.

QUALITY PRODUCTS // Borderland has a reputation of excellence. We are proud to have our wax come from American farmed soy beans. We never use any additives or dyes and all of our products are perfumed with therapeutic grade essential oil blends.

EVERY PURCHASE CHANGES LIVES // Borderland is honored to donate 1% of every purchase to Hydrating Humanity in order to assist in their efforts of building fresh water wells while educating villages regarding sanitation and hygiene.

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